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Why Owners Choose Carolina Living Real Estate – Charlotte Property Management

At Carolina Living Real Estate, we manage single family homes in the Charlotte area, from points north to Lake Norman, points south to Lake Wylie and Valentine, and points east to Kannapolis and Concord. Today, I want to tell you a little bit about our company and share what I think are some of the benefits to working with us. These points are based on feedback we’ve received from current owners and owners who have come to us from other property management companies.

Property Management Charlotte: Communication

Communication is something we’ve been praised for providing and something that clients from other companies have complained about not receiving. A lot of owners said they never heard from their property managers. We believe strongly in communicating up front. If you set expectations, you create a smooth situation for everyone. A good example is wear and tear on your property. We communicate expectations to both owners and tenants, and have documentation to support that communication. This is critical and eliminates a battle at the end of at tenancy with security deposits.

Property Management Charlotte: Maintenance Procedures and Costs

Many larger companies dispatch their maintenance people without talking to you about what’s needed, and you don’t hear about problems or expenses until the end of the month. We talk to you first, in case you have your own solution you’d like to try. When something needs to be repaired or replaced at your home, we want to create a good situation for owners and tenants. This helps our relationship. We can work with warranty companies or explore any avenues and options that you request. Providing good maintenance comes down to communication and the amount of money it costs to take care of repairs. We don’t charge you when we send people out. You pay only for what the repairs cost.

Property Management Charlotte: Leasing Fees

We do not charge an exorbitant amount to find you a tenant. You’ll see leasing fees of half a month’s rent with other management companies. The most you’ll be charged with us is 20 percent, and that pays for an external company bringing us a tenant if that’s how we locate a qualified renter.

We aren’t a large company. We manage about 100 homes, and that benefits you because we are closely involved with you and your property and everything that goes on there. We work hard.

Communication, maintenance, and your money are important things to take care of for you. We’d love to tell you more about our Charlotte property management services, so please contact us at Carolina Living Real Estate.