Charlotte Property Management Companies

Why Do We Advertise Every Property In Our MLS

I have been asked why we bother to show every property for rent advertised in our MLS area.  It does create a  tremendous amount of calls.  Admittedly some of these calls are wild goose chases.

However, our current list of homeowners LOVE the fact we do this.  We fill our vacancies faster than the MLS average. **

If you click on ‘See Hundreds of Rental Listings” and browse, you will see any that we listing have move to the TOP.  This is a benefit to our owners.  Why do we advertise all the listings?  When we get all the calls, we direct the caller to our owners homes where appropriate!  This is a huge benefit to our owners and one reason we do this.

Also, we get thousands of views a month to this website.  This is partly a result of us advertising ALL the listings.  Our IDX solution that feeds is the listings is a search engine gold mine.  It helps us get our homes rented!  Again a benefit to our owners.

Thinking of renting your home?   Check out our fees and services.   8% fee, NO fee upfront to find a tenant, and we offer reduced commissions when you decide to sell.   What more is there…

**Price and Location are always a factor in renting or selling your home!