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How Carolina Living Property Management Is Different

We are often asked what separates us from all the other companies now doing Property Management in Charlotte and Lake Norman. Listen to highlights above!

Before we answer, let’s do a little history lesson.   10 years ago Carolina Living started doing property management on a small scale for friends and our investor clients.  However, in 2007 when the market tanked, we did what we had to do to survive the market.  We jumped in with both feet.  It was a blessing that we had already gained some experience and lined up the vendors needed to support or endeavor.

Interestingly enough about 2 years ago some other firms jumped in as they saw that there was a huge opportunity.  So, this presented owners with the brand new guys, the old timers and the ones in the middle like Carolina Living.

The big guys manage hundreds of properties and in some cases, thousands.  They typically charge 10% unless there are multiple homes for one owner and then it drops to 9%.

The small ones are typically around 8%.

So, where does it leave us?  Everyone is from 8% to 10%.

Here is we separate ourselves.  If you don’t believe, just ask others and then call us!

1.  We do not charge our owners for dispatching our service people for repairs.  What they charge is what you are charged.

2.  We do not charge you 1 months rent, 1/2 months rent or anything remotely close to find a tenant.  In most cases, we don’t you ANYTHING to find a tenant.  There are some cases where we charge up to $250 but much that is centered around location of the home.  However, if we feel this applies, we are willing to negotiate.

3. We keep our level of homes we manage right around 100.  Why, we can be more intimately involved and we can also involve our owners in whatever capacity they request.

4. Lastly, our vendors always bill us for repairs at month end.  They understand, we collect rent and we pay them.  This keeps us from having to run to owner for money or from keeping reserves (out of your pocket funds). No surprised and full disclosure. We work WITH you to help keep potential costs down.

5. We don’t succumb to every tenant request.  we manage our way through the process of what is feasible and what is not.

6. If a client has multiple properties we manage, the mgmt. fee is reduced to 7%.

7. IF we file an eviction you can be assured that we won’t lose the case due to poor documentation or representation. Our evictions are handled professionally by an experienced attorney.

8. We don’t charge any account setup fee. We don’t charge any flat monthly accounting fee. If no rent is collected and no work is performed on the home, then we collect no fee

9. We don’t charge you an extra marketing fee when your unit is being marketed for rent.

10. We’re not too big to provide personal service to our clients or tenants. We will know your properties and tenants and be able to speak about them with personal knowledge.

11. We don’t hold any of your money in a maintenance reserve account. 100% of the funds in your account are disbursed to you each month.

We welcome you to interview other companies and the call us!  704 594 3014