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How Carolina Living Property Management Avoids Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlords and should be well-informed about the legal regulations that back up their managerial actions. This is especially important during a dispute with a tenant or when trying to defuse an altercation between residents. Correctly handing problems is paramount in the rental property management field.

Professionals at Carolina Living Property Management agree that, whenever possible, it’s better to prevent a problem before it rears its head. Clarity in the terms of our Charlotte Property Management agreements,  good communication skills and teamwork will go a long way to avoiding issues.

Tenants should be told from the very beginning what the property management company or landlord will expect of them. It is all about disclosure!   Here are the few of the items, we at Carolina Living Property Management, strive to disclose;

  • Making rental payments on time and what happens when/if it is not done.
  • Adhering to the rules Home Owner Association when applicable.
  • Respecting the rights of others regarding communal-living problems such as noise
  • Taking proper care of the home
  • Policy on animals.

Carolina Living Property Management takes these steps to head off tenant disputes:

  • We never discriminate
  • We strive to keep up repairs
  • Assure that each home is in good shape before renting and make recommendations.
  • Never change keys or turn off power in order to prompt a tenant to move out
  • Always make an effort to be fair, listen and communicate effectively.
  • Provide responsive maintenance when needed
  • Resolve conflicts in person whenever possible
  • Hire a mediator or call the police only as a last resort