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Know Your Insurance Choices – Consider An Umbrella Policy

Are you a homeowner considering renting your Charlotte or Lake Norman Area Home?

One of the things we tell all our clients is to call your insurance agent first. The type of insurance you carry is typically different from your standard Homeowners Policy.

One of the policies our Charlotte area homeowners consider and an Umbrella Policy. Why? Typical homeowners or dwelling policies have liability protection, but only up to policy limits. Ditto for auto insurance. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond those policy limits.

A $1 million umbrella policy can typically be purchased for about $300, though numerous factors affect annual premiums. Surprisingly, your driving record can influence the cost of umbrella insurance as much, if not more, than your record as a homeowner.

Consider the homeowner renting his/her Charlotte home and wanting to eliminate the worry of having someone fall in the home or around the home. Consider too, wanting additional coverage over and above your auto insurance limits. You can get piece of mind on both of these fronts with an Umbrella Policy. created by the National Association of Realtor’s has created a great article to help you get more answers. Check out the entire article at Houselogic-Umbrella Home Insurance.